What is Agility CMS?

Agility helps organizations turn digital storytelling into sales growth and better customer experiences by empowering them to create amazing customer solutions that bridge the online and offline worlds. 

Agility is a Headless, cloud-native, API-First Content Management Platform hosted on Microsoft Azure. We can scale instantly at a moment's notice while you take care of hosting your front-end solution, or web application anywhere you'd like.

What Is a Traditional Monolithic CMS?

The traditional CMS or coupled CMS –also called legacy or monolithic CMS– allows users to create, edit and publish content. It provides both the backend for managing and storing data and content and the frontend, usually with a WYSIWYG format for displaying the content. (Think Wordpress or Drupal).

Traditional CMS platforms had the goal of posting content on one platform, such as a web page. A traditional CMS tightly couples your frontend with your backend which can create problems when trying to build omnichannel experiences. 

What is a Headless CMS?

Contrary to a traditional CMS, a headless content management system is entirely decoupled from the presentation layer or frontend, which is referred to as the "head". At the same time, the backend is your content repository and content management system, known as the "body."

Headless CMS back-end front-end API relationship in Agility CMS

When you separate your content repository "body" from its presentation layer "head," it becomes a headless CMS. However, what truly makes a headless CMS better than a traditional CMS is its content-first approach with full APIs to access and display content in any way desired. 

With this approach, a headless CMS enables you to author your content through the RESTful API and deliver that content wherever you need it — not just to a templated website or application.

A pure headless CMS doesn't generate any frontend code, which is why a headless CMS is sometimes referred to as "Content-as-a-Service" (CaaS).

This process results in the best available digital experience for the end-users of a particular device. Frontend developers can continue developing new functionality for any channel, independent of the core/backend CMS. 

Why Agility CMS?

When it comes to choosing a CMS, you shouldn't have to compromise, and Agility offers its users the best of both worlds: 

Editors have the power of authoring tools they are already familiar with, such as Content Previewing & Scheduling, Page & Sitemap Management, SEO Fields for Optimization & more. Being API-First means Developers are not limited to a specific language or framework and can deliver content to any front-end with any coding language. 

Agility takes a true content-first approach to structuring and delivering your digital content. Whether it's for your website, mobile app, smart TV interface, email campaign, or in-store digital signage, well-structured content is essential for delivering the seamless omni-channel experiences that today's consumers have come to expect. 

With a ton of built-in-features, easy-to-use integrations with industry-leading tools, and an intuitive interface, you’ll be able to get new products and experiences into the market quicker and more cost-effectively.