Getting Started

Agility CMS is a flexible headless CMS with an infinite number of ways to configure and set up your pages and content.

In order to showcase best practices, evaluate, and help onboard new users when using Agility CMS, we recommend signing up for our pre-configured Blog Starter. This has pages and content already you so you can check out what a typical set up looks like.

It's important to note though, that you can customize anything and everything in this template, it's just giving you a head start and serving as an example!

To preview and publish content, you'll need to deploy a website that is connected to the CMS.

Sign Up

Head to and sign up for a new account, or login to an existing account.

Sign up for a new Agility CMS account using GitHubGoogleMicrosoft, or via Email & Password.

Login or Sign Up

Fill out the following information to complete your profile.

Select a Starter

Agility provides several different starters depending on your use case. We recommend choosing the Blog Starter if you are new to Agility CMS. You may choose any Blog Starter.

Name your Instance

An instance in Agility CMS is the central repository for your content where your editors will login to create, edit and publish content. 

You can name your instance what ever you'd like.

After clicking Go, you should be logged into your new instance.

Product Walkthrough

Now that you've created an Agility CMS instance, you should take a moment explore the product.

Set Up Preview and Publishing

In order to preview and publish content, you'll want to deploy a website based on the Blog Starter.