Collaboration and UI Updates (Q1 2022)

We’re always looking for ways to simplify and make it easier for people to learn and use the system. We want to continually streamline what the user sees in terms of actions and options so that they can more easily focus on what they’re trying to get done.

At the same time, we wanted our users to more easily collaborate on the Content and Pages that they work with on a daily basis. We’ve introduced the concept of Comments as the first step in making collaboration a more central part of the Agility experience.

Our updates centred on the following key concepts:

Action Bars

Remove non-primary actions from the immediate view and make consistent use of a secondary menu to show these secondary actions. We will be continuing to use this paradigm of primary/secondary actions in many areas of the system moving forward. You’ll also notice that the redundant back-arrow in the top left portion of this status panel has been removed, as well.





Tabs and Horizontal Space

People tend to have wider screens these days. That provides more horizontal screen real-estate that we can take advantage of. Where in the past we would need UI elements such as Tabs to try and remind a user of their available options, now our users prefer having fewer things in their direct line of sight.

In some cases, we’ve moved the functionality that was previously in a Tab, over to the secondary actions menu. This is how we handled the following areas:

  • Security
  • Alerts
  • Scheduling
  • Settings
  • Model Edit

We’ve removed the need for tabs across 3 key areas of the Content Manager app: Content List, Content Item/Module, Page.

Let’s look at some before and after images to see how this plays out in the various areas of the interface.

Content List

We've removed the tabs and consolidated all the secondary actions to a dropdown menu on the right. 

In the right panel, we've added the Activity Feed to show all of the Comments that users have made on this content.  On the properties tab of the right panel, you can see the display name, reference name, and folder for this content, as well as some other useful properties.


Content List - Before


Content List - After

Secondary Actions

Wonder where all the secondary actions have gone? Here they are! Just click on the context menu on the far right of the top actions panel.  As you can see, you have access to do all the things you could do before, but these have been taken out of your view, allowing you to focus on the most common tasks: creating and publishing content!

Content Item / Module

We’ve removed the tabs and added a panel to the right that shows an Activity Feed view of all the history, as well the comments that have been added to this item. Comments can be pinned to keep important ideas at the top.


Content Item - Before


Content Item - After - Feed view


Similar to the Content Item screen, we’ve removed the tabs from the Page screen and introduced the Feed view.


Page - Before


Page - with Feed View

We're really excited to bring these, and other new updates to the content manager in advance of our MAJOR redesign coming later this year.