Google Analytics

  1. Measure your website's performance
  2. Divide users into segments (age, gender, country, device, etc)
  3. Optimize website pages to boost conversions

Agility CMS and Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free analytic tracking tool offered by Google that offers beneficial insights about your website and how visitors are using it.

Using Google Analytics with your Agility CMS powered website, you can see the exact number of visitors on your site, where the visitor is from, what device they are using and so much more!

Add Google Analytics in the Content Manager

Adding Google Analytics in the Agility CMS content manager

Check your websites analytics straight from within the Agility CMS Content Manager by connecting to Google.

Step 1: Create an Google Analytics Account

To start, log into Google Analytics. In the Admin section, create an Account. Provide an account name and configure the data-sharing settings to control which data you want to share with Google.

Step 1: Create a Google Analytics account 

Step 2: Create a Property

Next create a Property, give it a name, edit your time and currency then click on Show Advanced Options.

Creating a GA property 

Enable the option to Create a Universal Analytics Property. Add a website URL, and create Both a Google Analytics 4 property and a Universal Analytics property.

Create a Universal Analytics Property.  

Step 3: Adding Analytics to the Content Manager

To add Google Analytics to the Content Manager, head to Settings > Google APIs Config and authorize the Analytics service.

Adding analytics to Agility CMS content manager

This will ask you to connect to a Google account and allow Agility CMS access to view your Google Analytics Data.

Pairing Agility CMS and Google Analytics

Once you Connect to Google and Allow access, you'll be able to select your Google Analytics Account and Profile, click Save.

Save Agility settings

Add Google Analytics to a Website

Follow this guide to easily add Google Analytics to an Agility CMS powered website to add tracking functionality to components to track user behaviour within your project.

Google Analytics and Next.js