Cineplex Entertainment

Cineplex Entertainment LP is one of the largest entertainment companies in Canada. It owns and operates over 160 movie theatres across all Canadian provinces that serve over 75 million guests per year.

A customer of Agility Inc. since 2007, Cineplex has built its site three separate times on our CMS Platform.


When Cineplex first came to Agility, they were using a system that didn’t allow freedom of design. It was extremely limiting in terms of performance, scalability and multi-lingual capabilities.

Additionally, at the time Cineplex had just completed a major merger that resulted in a number of different web properties that needed to be brought together. The brand needed a back-end system that would unite its team and provide a seamless and consistent user-experience that allowed them to make frequent updates to the site as new films and show times get frequently added and refreshed through Cineplex’s back-end systems.

At the time, Cineplex also wanted to expand its website to include online sales and ticketing.


In 2007, Cineplex chose Agility’s CMS to build their foundational site, citing its scalable, flexible platform that could easily be expanded as the site grew, as well as the strength of Agility’s professional services team.

Cineplex rebuilt the site on Agility’s CMS platform in 2010 with the support of Agility’s professional services team, launching a new design and a bigger focus on online sales. The site was integrated with Cineplex’s internal systems, which includes their back-end show time and ticketing database, as well as their internal ticket-purchase Ecommerce engine.

In 2014, Cineplex rebuilt the site again on top of Agility’s flexible and intuitive CMS platform’s code base. The new site had to be optimized for mobile to provide a user-friendly experience on every screen-size (desktop, tablet, mobile). This newest iteration has a responsive design and uses newer front-end and back-end technologies.


With each rebuild, Agility’s CMS allowed Cineplex to increase the scalability of the site and to optimize their hosting resources. The latest iteration utilizes a new hosting environment across load balanced servers for optimal site speed and performance. The site is now handling more traffic with less CPU load than in previous years.

“The platform provides a consistent user-experience for our distributed content team to easily make frequent updates to Movie/Theatre details, content and metadata, News Sections, Blogs, Contests and more,” Jeffrey Kent, Chief Technology Officer, said.


The Cineplex Team has been extremely happy with the Agility CMS platform and team in each redesign and rebuild of their site. They have reported that the Agility CMS is intuitive, easy-to-use and the Cineplex Team can now easily manage their own content and nearly all of their development tasks. The Agility professional services team is always available and brought in on a consultative basis or to handle tricky new code.

In 2013, Cineplex easily handled:

  • 484,877,915 page views
  • 82,649,705 visits
  • 32,139,217 unique visitors


Visit the site:

Benefits of Agility CMS for media and entertainment brands:


  • We bring an industry leading level of performance to your website. Agility’s proprietary caching technology extends the caching capabilities in ASP.NET to provide blazing fast performance on any size of site with any traffic load. Agility also supports load-balanced configurations for your Web site
  • Create multiple media libraries to store and stream your content, from images, music and video, to PDFs, Flash or Silverlight applications and more
  • Use our Modules – widgets – to add static, dynamic or interactive content. Modules like online forms, image galleries and newsletter subscription boxes
  • Standardized workflows for your content and media teams. Workflows can be managed automatically or manually, and users can easily follow and define each step
  • The platform is built for mobile. It includes built-in responsive design capabilities and can build mobile apps and dedicated mobile sites
  • Sites are search engine optimized and indexed by Google and other search engines
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