Multisite Deployments

Why Agility CMS?

Agility CMS allows you to set up Sitemaps that place all your websites in the same instance.  This allows you to share users, content, assets, and more.


Find your pages quickly in the sitemap view for each of your websites. Easily navigate from one website to another.

Shared Content

Reuse content and assets across your different websites with ease.

Share Users and Security

Share content managers across your different website properties.  Set up granular security and workflow across all your websites, no matter where the content goes.

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Deliver a Multisite Experience, Faster with Agility CMS

Build a foundation that can be expanded to multiple websites.  Build and manage faster by reusing what you've already done. Gone are the days of repeating tasks!

Share code across your sites

Build components once and reuse them to save time and improve brand consistency.  Share Page Templates and Modules across all your sites. Use platforms like Storybook.js and npm to build catalogs of reusable code components.

Save with economies of scale

Sharing users, assets, and development costs across websites saves time and money. Do more with less.

Reuse content directly in Agility

Reuse the same content across all your Agility sites without needing developers. Empower your editors with the best tools.

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Create consistency across your properties

By reusing content, models, and code across multiple websites, you can create a consistent brand experience for your team and your customers.

Build a Content Hub

Build your content to be shared and used across multiple channels or websites.

Reuse Modules and UI Components

Use Storybook.js or your own repository to build reuseable UI components across your websites.

A Single Assets Repository

Use content and assets seamlessly across all your digital properties from Agility's Digital Asset Manager (DAM).

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Modern Multisite Solution for Oxford Properties

As Oxford Properties business evolves, and new properties emerge, Agility provides additional licensing and support to ensure easy and scalable content hub evolution for the multisite deployment.

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"We drive social and economic growth through real estate – creating a brighter world for communities. As we create incredible digital experiences for all our properties, Agility CMS is our reliable partner on this mission".

Ken Porter

Director, Corporate Technology at Oxford Properties Group

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