Performance Updates

Rendering Logic

A major performance update is the migration of rendering logic from the server to the client.

Now, fewer requests are going to our servers, and more work is done within a user's browser. By moving the rendering logic to the user's browser, Agility CMS has become much more responsive and faster.

The updated rendering logic can now provide much better feedback on long-running operations (like file uploads) as well.

The rendering logic update has also enabled Agility CMS to support keyboard strokes, and makes navigating through the Media Section much more user-friendly.

Routing & Templating Framework

Routing & Templating Framework

Agility CMS now utilizes a next generation routing and templating framework to make overall performance much smoother and increasingly responsive.

The Platform was rebuilt using ASP.NET MVC, a much more flexible and robust platform than Agility CMS's previous framework.

ASP.NET MVC allows our team to more easily test out logic. It is also much easier now to expand upon Agility CMS's current functionality without having to invent workarounds to avoid the previous version's restrictions and limitations.



As a result of Agility CMS's new rendering logic and templating framework, the Platform performs significantly faster.

In addition, we scaled back the amount of overhead database calls that were happening on every request by up to five times, so some Agility CMS workflows and tasks can be completed five times as fast as they would have been when using the legacy content manager.