Website Strategy

 Every dynamic digital experience is built on a great strategy.

Agility CMS has been developing successful digital strategies and services for over a decade. We know what works and what doesn't. And we're always learning...

UX Design

Usability Audits

Performance Optimization

UX Design

"UX Design" should be a top priority for marketing teams and the digital experiences that they serve to their audiences. At Agility CMS, we're experts on usability best practices; and we can help implement and maintain the most intuitive of designs.

Mobile-first Designs

At Agility CMS, we make sure that content and layout looks great on smartphones first. Then, we start expanding designs for larger view ports.

Intuitive Front-end Navigation

A key component of our UX design is providing intuitive front-end navigation that enables users to find exactly what they're looking for within two clicks.

Beautiful Designs

Not only are our website designs user-friendly, but they also look great (on all devices) and we adhere to modern design trends and best practices.

At Agility CMS, we ensure that all end-users can access and enjoy your website across all devices.

Usability Audits

The average lifetime of a website is 3 years; and in that time, it can be difficult to maintain usability best practices. Content-stuffing and ad-hoc new features are common problems. Our usability audits cut through the clutter to find weak points and opportunities for optimization.

End-to-End Assessment

We meticulously comb through websites to understand where they fall short and how poor user-experience may be impacting website goals and conversions.

Action Items

For each audit, we generate a detailed report of our findings and a set of action items that, when implemented, will get a website back on track.


Once action items are implemented, the optimization begins. Increased engagement and higher conversions are just a couple of results we've seen so far.

Agility CMS-powered websites are optimized to perform quickly and reliably.

Performance Optimization

Performance is key to keeping website visitors around and coming back for more. We ensure that websites perform at their best. The Agility CMS Team is highly experienced when it comes to working with high-traffic websites. We've handled both expected and unexpected traffic spikes with ease.

Performance Testing

We can review and optimize page-by-page or add complex caching algorithms to keep websites running smoothly. We've seen and done it all.

Load Testing

Like few others, we boast the infrastructure and experience to perform valid and accurate load testing capabilities to improve and optimize performance.

Constant Monitoring

The Agility CMS Team checks in consistently to ensure that all of our websites stay up and running during peak traffic times and usage. 

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