Agility Point of Sale


Designed by Agility for a fully-integrated

POS system that is

the lifeline of your operations.


The Agility Advantage and How You Benefit:

3-in-1 POS, Ticketing and CMS

Agility POS is fully integrated with Agility CMS and Ticketing, allowing for easy-to-build product and ticketing pages and content.

Seamless Hardware Integrations

We provide you with top-of-the-line point-of-sale software and hardware; or if you prefer, we can integrate with your hardware of choice. Whatever you feel most comfortable with!

Premium Wireless Hardware

Design your own mobile store and sell anywhere with our premium wireless and 100% Bluetooth point-of-sale system.

Partnering with the best of the best.

At Agility we do our homework. We are proud partners of several third-party providers offering the best in-class payment services and hardware.

Key Agility POS Features:

Agility POS mobile app

Showcase and sell your products on location using an iPad.

Agility Central Hub

Manage all products and orders centrally from Agility and create custom product and ticket listings.

Order management

View your orders and grant refunds and exchanges directly on the Agility POS app.

Seamless checkout

Offer multiple payment options, provide physical and email receipts and print tickets directly using our POS hardware.

Secure POS stations

Manage and suspend POS terminals remotely, carry out secure user switching during shifts and assign specific users to specific terminal locations.

Insightful reports

View and create custom reports, from sales summaries to closing reports.

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