Agility: Built with

Flexibility in Mind


Have digital peace of mind and

never stop growing your website.


The Agility Advantage and How You Benefit:

Don’t Get Old. Future-Proof Your Technology

As you grow, so does Agility.

The latest features and technologies will continuously be made available so that you always have the latest version and can avoid rebuilding your site from scratch with each upgrade.

Grow Your Sales and Improve Customer Experience

Agility is built with your business needs in mind.

We are committed to providing you with a platform that serves your unique business processes, so that your content team can work effectively and efficiently, turning digital storytelling into sales growth and better customer experiences. 

Build Your Own Platform, From the Ground Up

Agility offers a suite of fully-integrated digital solutions, from web Content Management to online Ticketing system, and Ecommerce to Personalization, which are all built from the ground up to suit your specific needs.

But it doesn’t stop there; Agility is also built so that third-party systems can be seamlessly integrated at any time. 

Choose the Features You Need Today. Change Them Tomorrow

Your developers will just love us! Agility supports your development platforms of choice so that you can build your platform according to YOUR specifications, framework requirements, and programming style.

Unique to Agility is also the suite of a la carte products, such as Ecommerce and Ticketing; components which allow you to choose the features that your business needs today or in the future! 

Key Flexibility Features:

Headless AND Headed CMS

Agility provides the best of both worlds: an easy to integrate CMS with an intuitive and highly customizable functionality.

Flexible CMS integrations

Easily integrate with third-party systems, such as CRMs, through web hooks and REST APIs and enjoy bidirectional data flow with any system.

Fully-integrated suite of products

Take advantage of our fully-integrated suite of products, including Ecommerce, Ticketing, POS and Personalization. All products are easily managed from the Agility Central hub platform.

Highly customizable solution

Agility is designed to meet your exact design needs and user workflows.

One of the main benefits that we are able to realize by using the Agility CMS is the ability to build a piece of content once - like a member offer or reward - and then display that content in any digital channel, such as the website or mobile app. This means we build it once, in one system, and it looks the same across these channels. From an administrative standpoint this is huge, and from a member standpoint we can ensure that the content is the same in every digital channel.

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