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With AGILITY ECOMMERCE you can now create highly flexible and scalable online storefronts that will help you boost your online sales. Our Ecommerce solution is customizable and tailored around your existing workflows, ensuring that our platform serves you and not the other way around.

All Ecommerce content and tools are managed from a central hub along with your CMS platform, so there is never any need to juggle multiple platforms or input information several times.

With Agility Ecommerce you can also run custom and dynamic reports throughout customers’ purchasing cycle, leveraging data and insights to improve your sales strategy.

ecommerce solution


  • High performing website with fast-loading pages
  • Mobile-friendly user experience and purchasing process
  • Increased efficiency and user experience with customized designs around existing workflows and infinite third-party integrations
  • Unlimited freedom of design across site, Ecommerce and all touchpoints
  • Fraud-free, risk-free payment options
  • Optimal site performance with auto-scaling capabilities and additional cloud resources during high-traffic periods
  • Easy and custom integrations with payment, shipping and CRM providers of choice
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ecommerce solution


  • Cloud-based solution
  • Customer account creation and tracking
  • Fraud detection during payments
  • Fast-loading, high-performing online storefront
  • Multiple product variant options
  • Secure and flexible integrations with your payment providers (PCI compliant), warehouses, CRMs and shipping providers of choice
  • Mobile-first design
  • Consistent user experience across all touchpoints: site, mobile and POS
  • Intuitive purchase process management and tracking, from order creation to shipment
  • Abandoned order reporting and tracking
  • Specific order and customer tracking
  • Unlimited promotion generation and tracking
  • Personalized content and related products categorization
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