The Magazine Suite's a Perfect Fit for National Gallery of Canada

Jillean Kearney - April 03-2013

When the National Gallery of Canada (NGC) decided to launch its own magazine, the Agility Magazine Suite proved to be the best solution for its first foray into the magazine world.

The purpose of the NGC Magazine is to establish an authoritative voice within the Canadian art scene and according to webmaster Colin Chen, it has been successful so far.

"The launch of the site saw a strong initial interest which has since become stable," Chen said. "Ad spaces are being sold and we are seeing comments being left on the various articles. So we feel this is a good start as we continue to establish the brand of the NGC Magazine."

The Agility Magazine Suite was the best solution for the NGC Magazine because of its easy-to-use features, which come in handy for a non-technical staff. Other decision-making factors include Agility's bilingual capabilities and the Magazine Suite's tailoring to magazine content.

The launch of the magazine was made easy by the great support provided by Agility staff and its quick response times, strong work ethic and team player attitude. NGC also appreciated Agility's "willingness to go the extra mile."


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