Representing Agility & Point Alliance at Dx3 Canada 2014

Jillean Kearney - March 12-2014

We teamed up with partner Point Alliance last week to set up shop at Dx3, one of Canada's largest trade shows that focuses on digital marketing and advertising.

The two companies worked together to tackle the busy exhibition floor. Point Alliance was showcased as an implementation partner of custom-built solutions on our CMS Platform.

The conference kicked of Wednesday morning with an insightful and informative keynote session from Eric Harris, BuzzFeed's executive vice president of operations. After that, the exhibition floor quickly filled up with attendees curious to meet all of the exhibitors to learn about what's new and next in digital.

We caught up with old friends, like Unbound Media contributor Leigh Fowler, and met a bunch of new faces – both which made the two-day event a total success.

For more info and recaps of Dx3, head over to their the press coverage that's been rounded up here.


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