Our New Magazine Suite Scores Points with Industry Leader CMS Report

Michelle Kalman - November 28-2012

With the recent launch of their new CMS package – tailored specifically for outlets looking to publishing content online, Agility partnered with CMS Report to create their new site using the Magazine Suite offering. CMS Report was founded in 2006 and is positioned as the destination for finding new insights in the industry of content management. Their focus on applications for content, document management, social publishing, web design and mobile has earned them a strong reputation amongst their followers.

In a recent review of Agility’s latest solution, Bryan Ruby, Owner and Editor of CMS Report shared, “Overall, the move to Agility's Magazine Suite has been a positive experience for me. Agility has treated my site with the same level of customer service as their larger publishers. I have no doubts that Agility can get you a well?polished site online within five weeks.”

CMS Report is fueled by content from over 300 guest writers, which requires a user?friendly system for uploading and editing content. Ruby remarked, “Probably one of the most valuable features in the Magazine Suite is contributor workflow. For sites such as CMS Report, the ability to empower users to be more than just readers of articles but also participants, is key to our success”.

Being in the business of sharing information and ideas, Ruby was also impressed with the direction Agility has taken with their own blog that speaks to and with their target market, “Agility hasn't been just about software but also content strategy geared toward online publishers. Too often we come across companies that only adequately understand either content strategy or technology and thus stresses one for the sake of the other. Agility is one of those rare companies that appears to understand both assets are equally important to your business.”

The decision to move to a cloud based software was a difficult decision for CMS Report, however, as Ruby states, “With Agility, the time I now spend in site maintenance and worry is less than any other time in CMS Report's seven year history. Companies such as Agility know how to ensure your journey to the cloud is not as difficult as you might think it would be.”


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