Magazine Suite May 2013 Full Release Notes

Anthony Valela - May 23-2013

The following items were added, updated or fixed in the May 2013 Release of the Agility Magazine Suite:

  • Google+ Login added as option for external login.
  • News Feed module added.
  • Article to Issue linking and display added.
  • Updated footer items to center horizontally, regardless of number of items.
  • Fixed preview errors that occurred when trying to preview site during sync.
  • Fixed intermittent issue with Facebook logout from website.
  • Fixed homepage slider on mobile to jump back to first slider item after completed.
  • Updated labels and spacing on Popular Articles input form.
  • Fixed issue of attributes not being remembered as you navigate from one content item to the next in Digital Content.
  • Updated "Unsaved Changes" popup alerts on Articles list.
  • Updated Search Results page to return all content in whichever language is selected.
  • Updated Popular Articles module to default to three tabs, rather than four, as three tabs is the max - updated on mobile as well.
  • Added CSS rule to prevent Article Type Options from wrapping on small handheld devices.
  • Fixed issue with RSS feeds being output in plaintext instead of as a documented tree in Google Chrome.
  • Fixed issue validation being triggered on login page without actually submitting anything.
  • Updated "Forgot Password" UI.
  • Updated Date Format on Article Details.
  • Fixed intermittent issues with LinkedIn login - login was not working consistently with newly created API keys.
  • Fixed issue with language switching on Articles - users previously getting stuck in one language if homepage was not visited first.

Customer/Partner Requested Items:

  • British Columbia Magazine - Articles to Issues linking and display.
  • CMS Report - Google+ login added to list of login types.
  • Bosacks Magazine - News Feed Module.


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