Magazine Suite June 2013 Full Release Notes

Anthony Valela - June 20-2013

The following items were added, updated or fixed in the latest release of the Magazine Suite:

  • New feature: Collect Box Module - allows users to display an image and set up a form to be filled out when the image is clicked.
  • New feature: Ability to activate links in user comments.
  • Added images for articles, blog posts and issues to Google sitemap.xml.
  • New feature: Error Message Module - displays a set of predefined links on error pages to help users navigate (configurable in Agility).
  • New feature: Recent Activity Module - displays latest comments from users including their avatar.
  • New feature: Users can now delete their own comments after they have been posted.
  • New feature: Name and avatar image comments now link to the website entered in the 'website' field of a users profile. If nothing is entered, then both link to the user's bio page.
  • Updated all links (other than menu links) to be underlined.
  • Updated Latest Articles module to allow Agility users to select the type of article to display i.e. article, video, gallery. The default is set to 'All'.
  • Fixed bug with language switcher where if a user tries to switch language on a page where there is no equivalent in the other language, nothing would happen.
  • Update front-end functionality on Keyword pages - no longer jumps down when you them to the top of the keyword.
  • Fixed bug where site users could still select 'edit' link on comments, even after logging out.
  • Updated Image Slider module to allow users to select specifc Articles to link to.
  • Fix bug with Article Routing through categories.
  • New feature: Latest Articles Sidebar Module - allows users to display latest articles in a single category, in the right column of a page.
  • Added ability to customize the modules on an articles page for a specific category.


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