Magazine Suite August 2013 Release Highlights

Anthony Valela - September 12-2013

New Features

Article Right Column Gallery Module

  • A new module, the Article Right Column Gallery allows you to add this module to the Sidebar Content Zone of an article-details page and display the current article's gallery in the Sidebar Content Zone.
  • The Article Right Column Gallery displays the images as a row of thumbnails which when clicked, opens a Lightbox to view and scroll through the images.

How To: Add an Article Right Column Gallery Module

  1. Login to Agility.
  2. Navigate to Pages.
  3. Locate and select your article-details page (ie. "articles/article-details" or "{category-name}/article-details") from the website tree.
  4. Click Add within the Sidebar Content Zone.
  5. Select the module named Article Right Column Gallery from the list of available modules.
  6. Optionally, set a Title for the module (by default, if left blank the title of the module will be the same as the name of the current Article).

  7. Next, optionally set an Image Limit (this will allow you to force a certain number of images to displays as thumbnails, they rest will be ignored and not displayed).
  8. When you are satisfied, Save & Preview and then Publish your changes.

    If you only want your article's image gallery to appear in the Sidebar Content Zone (as opposed to the main column as well), then you will need to check-off Hide Galleries within your article-details page's Article Details module. Otherwise, the same Gallery will be displayed in both the Main Content Zone and you Sidebar Content Zone.

Event List

  • A new dynamic page list now allows you to add Events.
  • Events can be categorized, and will fall under "Archived" or "Upcoming" automatically based on the current date and the date of the Event.

How To: Create an Event

  1. Login to Agility.
  2. Navigate to Digital Content and select the Dynamic Page Content tab, then select the Events list.
  3. Within the events list, click New Item.
  4. In the General tab, create a Title for your event.
  5. Set a Date for your event and optionally Include Time.
  6. Optionally, enter an Event URL.  This can be an URL to an external or internal web page.

  7. Enter the Details of your Event.
  8. Optionally enter a manual Excerpt for your event. If left empty, a truncated version of your Details will be used as the Excerpt.
  9. Next, click on the Images tab.
  10. Optionally, set a Listing Image for your Event by selecting an image larger than 140x140 will be automatically cropped to the appropriate size.
  11. Click on the Location tab.
  12. Optionally, set a City, Province, and Country for your Event.
  13. Click on the Categorization tab.
  14. Optionally, select a Category to associate your Event to.
  15. Click on the Related Events tab.
  16. Related events will automatically be applied based on similar categories, however you may override this by manually specifying the exact events using Related Events by Title field.
  17. Click Save and then Preview your Event before publishing.

Event Listing Module

  • A new module, the Event Listing module will display a list of "Upcoming" Events by default, and include an optional filter to view "Archived" Events.
  • The module can be placed on a defined Event Category landing page to have a filtered category view of your Events.

How To: Add an Event Listing Module

  1. Login to Agility.
  2. Navigate to Pages.
  3. Select a page where you would like to add an Event Listing module to.
  4. Click Add within the Main Content Zone to add the module to the page.
  5. Select Event Listing module from the list of modules.
  6. In the General tab of the module dialogue window, optionally set the Events Per Page (or leave the default ? 10), the No Content Message, the Auto Excerpt Length (length in where events which do not have an excerpt defined, use the details field truncated to this length), Hide Title (hides the title of each event), Show Full Event (will show the full details of each event instead of the excerpt), and Sort By Date (Ascending or Descending).

  7. In the Filter tab, optionally select a category in which to filter the events by. NOTE: If the module is under a Category page, the category will be included automatically in the filter.
  8. In the Labels tab, you can optionally customize the text of the general labels used in the module (or leave default).
  9. Click Save and Publish when you are satisfied with your changes.

Event Categories List

  • A new shared content list, the Event Categories list will allow you to create categories for your Events and specify an event category landing page (similar to Articles).

How To: Create a new Event Category

  1. Login to Agility.
  2. Navigate to Pages.
  3. Create a new Page, this will be your event category landing page.
  4. Add the Event Listing module to your Main Content Zone (See How To: Add an Event Listing Module).
  5. Within the list, click New Item.
  6. Set a Title for your category.
  7. Select your Category Landing Page (any existing page which has the Event Listing module on it).
  8. Click Save.
  9. Publish your Event Category when you are satisfied.

Quiz Module

  • A new module, the Quiz module allows you to setup a Quiz to add to any page and optionally associate it with an article.
  • This module uses similar functionality to the existing Poll module.


How To: Create a Quiz

  1. Login to Agility.
  2. Navigate to Digital Content.
  3. In the Shared Content tab, select the Quizzes list.
  4. Click New Item.

  5. Set a Name for your Quiz.
  6. Enter a Quiz Question within the Rich Text Area.
  7. Click Save to save the Quiz.
  8. Next, click on the Answers tab.
  9. In order to create your list of Answers, click the Edit List link adjacent to the Answers Label.
  10. Click New Item to create a new Answer. Enter your Answer within the Answer field.
  11. Click Save and then Publish your Answer.
  12. Go back to the Quiz item by closing the Answers list.
  13. Next, click the Refresh Answers List link adjacent to the Correct Answer field (and its dropdown labelled "Select the correct answer"). This will refresh the dropdown list to reflect the recent Answers you just created. Select your Correct Answer from the dropdown list once it has refreshed.
  14. Optionally, enter text for Correct Answer Text, or leave default text.
  15. Optionally, enter the Incorrect Answer Text, or leave default text.
  16. Next, optionally click the Associated Articles or Associated Blog Posts tab to search and select article(s)/blog(s) to associate this Quiz.
  17. Associating article(s)/blog(s) will ensure that if the Quiz module exists on an article-details/blog-details page, then the article/blog will display this Quiz alongside.
  18. Click Save.
  19. When satisfied, Publish the Quiz.

How To: Add a Quiz Module to a page

  1. Login to Agility.
  2. Navigate to Pages.
  3. Select the Page you would like to add the Quiz module to. This could be a regular static page, or a dynamic page (such as an article-details page or a blog-details page).
  4. Click Add within either the Main Content Zone or the Sidebar Content Zone to add the module to respective zone.
  5. Select the module named Quiz from the list of modules available.
  6. If you added this module to a static page, select a Quiz from the list of Quizzes.


    If you added this module to a dynamic page, leave the Quizzes dropdown list blank - this will ensure the module will display a quiz associated with the current article or blog post.

  7. Click Save.
  8. Preview, then Publish when you are satisfied with your changes.


Responsive Design

  • The default menu on small screen devices will now show a menu icon which when clicked will display the menu links.
  • The Social Media Share bar will now move into the main column on small screen devices near the top of the main body.

Article Listing Module

  • Adding multiple Article Listing modules would previously overwrite the Page Title (with the last module to be loaded) and incorrectly filter other Article Listing modules.

Article Photo Galleries

  • Alongside the improvements made to the Image Gallery functionality in Agility, Articles now use Image Galleries as opposed to Photo lists. Photo List support is still available for previous sites.
  • A new Article Right Column Gallery module now allows you to display an article's gallery in the Right Column.

Article Details

  • The Article Details module now allows you to specify if you would like to "Hide" the Image Gallery from appearing within the Article, this was added to allow for support of the Article Right Column Gallery without displaying the Image Gallery twice on the same page.
  • The Article Details module now includes a property for Gallery View which has two options:
    • Slider, this is the existing Image Gallery view which displays a slider with a list of thumbnails beneath.
    • Lightbox, this is a new feature which will display a list of thumbnails which when clicked will open a Lightbox overlay, allowing you to scroll through all images within the gallery.
  • A "Back to Top" link has been added to the bottom of an article.

Inline Code

  • Performance improvement when previewing Inline Code.
  • Ratings have been entirely replaced by Likes for Blog Posts and Articles.

Ratings and Likes

  • Ratings have been entirely replaced by Likes for Blog Posts and Articles


  • LinkedIn has now been added as an option for Comments Authentication when you attempt to comment without being logged in.
  • Comments Avatar now loads a thumbnailed version of the profile picture.


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