Magazine Suite April 2013 Release Highlights

Anthony Valela - April 29-2013

The latest release of the Agility Magazine Suite is now available. Read below for the details of the new features introduced in this release.

Inline Code 

Inline Code provides a way of managing your website Page Templates, Module Output Templates, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript ? all within the Content Manager. This significantly improves the maintainability of your website and softens the development learning curve by bypassing tools such as Visual Studio, while implementing popular Agility features such as Version History, Publishing Workflow, and Drag and Drop.

Using Inline Code in your Agility Instance

In order to use Inline Code, you MUST update your website's Agility.Web.dll. You can download the latest version here.

Activate Inline Code

For websites hosted in Azure, Inline Code will be automatically activated. For all other sites, please contact for activation.

For more detailed information and step-by-step instructions on how to use the new Inline Code feature, please review the Inline Code Documentation on the Agility Developer website.

Live Writer Integration

With Windows Live Writer you can create, edit, and publish your articles directly to your website by using a familiar Word Processor. Contributors MUST be enabled and users must be an approved contributor in order to use Windows Live Writer with their website.

Windows Live Writer - Download and Installation

Downloading Windows Live Writer is quick, easy, and free.

  • Download and install Windows Live Writer (click link for download).
  • When running the setup wizard, you can optionally install other Windows programs, however Windows Live Writer is the only component required for this exercise.

Windows Live Writer Configuration

In order to connect Windows Live Writer to your Website, you will need to provide Windows Live Writer with some information.

  • Upon a successful installation of Windows Live Writer, you will be prompted with a dialogue window labelled "Configure Windows Live Writer."
  • Click "Next" to being your configuration.
  • Under "What blog service do you use?" select "Other blog service" and click "Next."
  • Under "Add a blog account", fill in the following using your Website Contributor account details:
    • Web address of your blog: <http://<your-website-URL>
    • Username: <enter your email address>
    • Password: <enter your account password>

Click "Next."

  • Windows Live Writer will not be able to automatically detect your blog type and you will need to specify your blog type. Under "Select blog type" select "Metaweblog API" from the dropdown list. You will also need to specify the "Remote posting URL for your blog" which will be your website domain name followed by "/LiveWriter/Metaweblog.ashx". For example, the remote posting URL for Agility Blog ( site would be Click "Next" to continue.

    Note: If you encounter an authentication error message, please check your username and password fields.

  • Upon successful authentication with the website, you will be prompted to save your blog configuration. Give your blog a meaningful nickname in the "Blog nickname" field. Click Finish to complete your configuration.

Windows Live Writer - Writing and Publishing a Post/Article

Use Windows Live Writer to create your post/article, select a date and category and publish to your blog.

  • Start Windows Live Writer.
  • Create your post by entering a title in the box labelled "Enter a post title" and filing the body with the content of the post.
  • You can optionally include Hyperlinks, Pictures, and Embed Codes by using the toolbar located on the right-hand side of Windows Live Writer.
  • When you are satisfied with your post, set a Publish Date by selecting the label "Set publish date" (located near the bottom of Windows Live Writer) and select a date.
  • Select a Category or Categories for this post/article by clicking the label "Set Categories."
  • Saving or publishing your post/article:
    • "Save local draft" saves a copy of the post/article to your computer for review later (File > Save local draft).
    • "Post draft to blog" submits the post/article to your website, but keeps it in a draft mode so that you may edit it later through the website (File > Post draft to blog).
    • "Publish" submits your post/article to your website and awaits approval before being published.

Tune in next month for the latest updates.


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