Magazine Suite April 2013 Full Release Notes

Anthony Valela - April 29-2013

The following items were added or fixed in the April 2013 Release of the Agility Magazine Suite:

  • Bug fix to allow contributors to sign in with Social Media logins.
  • Update to pull in the page title of the article listing page based on the category and tag filtering.
  • CSS Selector added to rule in default.css.
  • Updated Newsletter module to use the new Form Builder module, introduced in the March 2013 Agility release.
  • Update to sitemap to align with Google News so sites can be submitted there.
  • Bug fix to site search to only pull results for the current language a user is viewing the site in.
  • Bug fix within "Related Articles by Tag" for Issues to reference Article tags, rather than Blog tags.
  • Update to Image tab within Blog items to display correct image size.
  • Update to allow LinkedIn Login to work with newly create API keys.
  • Update to Site Search to only pull in results for the language the user is currently using.


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