Henry's Camera Launches Blog with Agility's Magazine Suite

Jillean Kearney - July 05-2013

Henry's Camera recently launched an extension of its Ecommerce website, a blog that serves as an online portal for the brand's community of fans and customers to stay up-to-date on the latest products and photography learning topics.

The Henry's Camera team sought out an easy solution for setting up and managing their new website and Agility's Magazine Suite proved to be the best fit.

"As an electronics retailer with an in-house web and graphic design team, we're no strangers to putting our technical and creative knowledge to work, however setting up a content management system with the level of features that Agility offers would have been a slight departure from our core focus," said Mark Shannon, Social Media Coordinator. "As such, Agility was able to provide the product, service, and support follow-through that enabled us to get the Blog up and running in very little time."

Shannon is most impressed with how great the Henry's Blog looks. Working with a project manager and Agility's designer, Shannon was able to create a look that compliments the existing design of the brand's Ecommerce online property, but also differentiates the blog as a stand-alone website.

"Beyond the looks, however, inputting new content is very easy thanks to the Staging and Publishing system, and Agility's module-based design flow makes it easy for me to customize the site, including individual pages, on the fly as the content requires," Shannon said. "Whether I'm featuring a new article in the slider, or allowing Agility's recommendation engine to provide relevant additional content to my readers, almost everything about the site makes publishing a breeze."

The Magazine Suite's Author Bios feature has come in really handy for Shannon. Henry's Camera is a retailer that employs hundreds of sales associates and the Author Bios feature allows Shannon to encourage sales associates to create their own content for the blog.  

"For a project that was meant to strengthen the community of Henry's fans and customers, we've been able to include more features and content than we thought was possible at the project's inception," Shannon said.


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