Case Study: British Columbia Magazine

British Columbia Magazine is a renowned geographic and travel magazine founded in 1959 that covers BC’s recreation and adventure opportunities, parks and wilderness, wildlife, geography, culture and history.

Before British Columbia Magazine chose Agility CMS, the editorial team considered many content management solutions in its bid to give a visual and functional facelift. Agility CMS stood out as the best solution to meet all of the magazine's core needs, as the platform boasts features tailored to editorial content management and online publishing.


The editorial team wanted a more dynamic site, especially a more compelling homepage, to better showcase its content and the beautiful photographs that the magazine is famous for.

British Columbia Magazine also needed a solution that was easy-to-use. Previously, the website was managed by a custom-built CMS. It had served them well for several years, but it was starting to show its age with outdated code and limited features. The website could not be updated easily and IT support was needed to refresh the site's content. The editorial team wanted the ability to easily update and publish content without relying on the IT Team.

Agility’s Solution

The Agility CMS platform allowed the editorial team to create a more engaging, dynamic site, adding features like auto-display of the newest blogs and articles, a social media feed, a rotating image slider and a running list of the most popular/newest/top-rated articles.

After Agility-led training sessions with their project manager, the British Columbia Magazine editorial team was able to quickly pick-up the functionality and workflows of Agility CMS. They can now update and publish content on their own without any involvement from its IT department.

"The Agility solution gives us the autonomy we need to update the site fully and efficiently on a regular basis," Shanna Baker, Associate Editor of British Columbia Magazine, said.


The team received great feedback on their Agility CMS-powered website, and it has been exciting for the editorial team to see the magazine's online community come to life with reader comments, a function built into Agility CMS to make moderating and publishing user comments simple.

In the first 11 months since launching its new Agility-powered website, British Columbia Magazine’s page views increased by 51.8%.

"It's proof that the new site will help us build and sustain our community," Baker said.

Benefits of Agility CMS for publishers:

  • A turnkey solution tailored for editorial content and teams to help you get your new website up and running quickly (Read more about the Publishing Package)
  • Easily manage and publish articles, blog posts, documents, PDFs, images in any file format and third party scripts like YouTube video embeds and more
  • Sites are search engine optimized and are quickly indexed by Google and other search engines
  • Easily manage ads on your site by integrating with your preferred ad server like Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers
  • Add an iOS app that automatically pulls content from your Agility instance for a mobile optimized experience
  • Widgets like the Popular Articles and Featured Content modules promote higher page views per reader by merchandising content on your site
  • Social sharing buttons, powered by ShareThis, are customizable and make it easy for your readers to promote your content within their own networks to drive viral views
  • The Image Gallery module makes it easy to display albums of photos and images
  • Users can comment anonymously, with their site login, their Facebook or Twitter ID
  • Ratings provide a one-click feedback mechanism for your readers
  • See all of the features that Agility CMS provides here



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