Before Agility, there was Edentity. The company, founded by Jonathan Voigt and Michael Assad in 2002, initially focused on custom development and systems integration services.

Jon and Mike both worked from home until October 2003 when they moved into their very first office. It was actually just one desk (that Jon and Mike shared with their first employee Igor) in a shared space with Sequentia Communications.

The idea to build a content management system first came from teaming up with our office mates Sequentia. At that time, updating text and images on a website was tedious work for programmers. So, to ease the burden, we built a content management system and called it WebAdmin in 2003. We rechristened the platform as WebConnect in 2004 as we rebuilt it as software-as-a-service (a cloud-based, multitenant platform). SaaS was totally new back then and this gave us a huge head start in building a totally different kind of CMS. In 2006, we rebranded the product as Agility CMS in order to reference its flexibility as a Content Management System.

Agility started out as a system for managing websites for small and medium businesses. However, as the years went by, we started winning business from some of Canada’s most recognizable companies and brands. We found success in the Media and Entertainment industry. In 2007, we won several contracts with Corus Entertainment. Following that, we won Cineplex Entertainment in 2008. We had another big year in 2009 when we started to work with agencies like Proximity. Sites like Uncle Bens, Campbell’s, Whiskas, Doritos Viralocity and Subaru all came from our partner network. Since then, Agility CMS has been tuned for the flexibility and performance requirements of larger media and brand sites. 

We decided to rebrand the company as Agility Inc. in 2010 to reflect our focus on the increasingly popular content management platform.

Agility realized early on that working with tight budgets and timelines can be challenging, so we started to optimize development tools for the developers using our platform. This focus on streamlined development positioned us well as we expanded our network of agencies and development partners in 2012 in order to roll out more solutions built on the Agility platform. We worked closely with these partners to bring them existing customers, new leads and full projects. This allowed us to focus more on the platform.

In 2012, we also launched the Agility Magazine Suite, a turn-key web solution for independent publishers. This solution was a quick way for publishers to hit the ground running and brought our experience on large scale projects to a large range of customers.

In October of 2013, Jonathan Voigt became the CEO and embarked on a new vision to provide a new array of premium services and extended support to meet the growing needs of our customers.  

As part of this new strategy, Agility launched a new, rebranded website in February 2014, and refocused its product offering under the main Agility CMS Platform with the option to add on packages. Packages are solutions built for specific markets. The Magazine Suite was restructured into two separate packages, a Publishing Package and a Content Marketing Package.

The new strategy also includes an expansion of our partner network across North America, and working closer with both our customers and partners to understand the full needs of our platform's users.


  • Founded as Edentity by Jon and Mike
  • Focused on custom web development


  • Moved into first office at 26 Soho
  • Became a Microsoft Partner
  • Hired first employee (Igor)
  • Launched WebAdmin


  • Launched WebConnect


  • Built out data centre at Q9 Networks
  • Won the Profit Hot 50 Award


  • Won second Profit Hot 50 award
  • Became a Microsoft Gold partner
  • Launched Agility


  • Began focusing on media companies
  • Signed with Corus


  • Signed with Cineplex


  • Moved into third office at 40 Spadina Ave
  • Built Doritos Viralocity


  • Rebranded as Agility
  • Launched Version 3 of CMS Platform


  • Migrated Platform and hosting to Microsoft Azure
  • Represented at SXSW


  • Launched Magazine Suite
  • Expanded Partner network


  • Moved into fourth and current office
  • Jon assumed role of CEO


  • Launched brand new website
  • Rebranded product offerings

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