Launching Our Magazine Style Blog UNBOUND MEDIA - An Online Publishing Resource

Michelle Kalman - June 12-2012

Responding to an increasing need for digital content knowledge, Agility has taken its previous blog to new levels with the launch of Unbound Media. Geared towards the media industry - specifically publishing - Unbound Media is chock-full of current and relevant resources. This non-traditional blog is rich with visuals, videos and expert tips, offering its audience a plethora of news from the digital front. Unbound Media provides a comprehensive, progressive and refreshing take on managing online content.

Unbound Content

Content blasts us daily like a fire hose. It’s on TVs and phones. It’s at home, on the street and at work. At no point in history have we been exposed to such a colossal amount of content on every topic imaginable. The Information Superhighway is so 1995.  Today, it’s the Information Wormhole. How do you get your content through.

Unbound Audience

There are billions of Internet connected devices available in 2012. There are over 500 million smartphones on the market. There are a million apps available for download across 4 different mobile platforms. Where is YOUR audience? What are they looking for? How are they spending their time? The permutations of audience characteristics are astronomical.

Unbound Media

Unbound Media is about the strategies, tools and tactics that connect the Unbound Audience with Unbound Content. Through research, experience sharing and inspiration, this blog is designed to offer smart and innovative ideas to help you navigate through a world where people and media are boundless.

Content Highlights Include

  • Online made easy
  • Become a digital wiz
  • Adapting content for online
  • Monetizing digital content
  • Build your audience
  • Exceptional user experience
  • Moving your audience online

Plus… best viral videos, digital and online magazine sites, event coverage and ongoing inspiration from around the globe.

Behind Unbound Media

Michael Assad, CEO, Co-Founder of Agility CMS
A passionate interactive professional since 1999, Mike completed his first projects with RIM and Nortel Networks during the dot-com boom. He then drove Agility to become the fastest growing web development company in Canada earning the Profit Hot 50 Award numerous times. Michael’s broad range of knowledge on all things web stems from over 12 years of experience acting in the various roles that bring web solutions to life.

Andre Gaulin, Director of Solutions at Agility CMS
Early in his career, Andre transitioned into the world of web development and has never looked back. He has worked for some of Canada’s biggest brands including MuchMusic, CTV, CityTV, and Cineplex Entertainment to name a few. His focus on usability, information architecture, the mobile web, and rich broadband media have allowed him to transform high level concepts into successful and engaging online properties.

Joel Varty, Director of Research and Development at Agility CMS
With over 12 years’ experience in Web application technologies and architectures, Joel is a key player behind Agility’s cloud-based software. His expertise for managing internally produced and user generated content across web, mobile and social media are key to Agility’s ongoing success.

Before joining Agility in 2005, Joel developed custom solutions at Point Alliance, and built a CRM product for United System Solutions. His first novel, How the World Ends is available on Amazon.

About Agility

Agility works with publishers, media companies and brands to help maximize the value of their online content. Their cloud CMS (Content Management System) and online publishing solutions help to increase the profitability of the online channel by increasing traffic, boosting online advertising revenue and promoting subscriptions while decreasing the time and cost of keeping content up to date. Agility was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.  

Customers include Oxygen Magazine, Muscle Mag, Clean Eating Magazine, Glow Magazine, Oprah Winfrey Network, Business News Network, Parent’s Canada, Canadian Bride, NHLPA and Cineplex Entertainment.

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