BoSacks is the Latest to Implement Magazine Suite

Jillean Kearney - September 24-2013

Publishing pundit Bob Sacks, better known as BoSacks to his 16,000 daily newsletter subscribers, just re-launched his website, an invaluable resource to the industry, on the Agility Magazine Suite.

"My thanks go out to the crew at Agility, led by Michael Assad (Co-founder) and the great team who guided me and helped me create my new website. They are experts in developing specialized media websites for magazines, blogs and many other applications," Sacks said in the opening of his September 16th newsletter. "They built what I asked for and more."

Sacks had built his previous website over a decade ago to serve as a landing page for readers to subscribe to his newsletter. He admits that it "was primitive pretty much the day I launched it."

Although the site did help his newsletter reach thousands of subscribers, the outdated site quickly became an embarrassment. Sacks prides himself in being a digital forecaster to an industry that, for the most part, is struggling with the transition to digital.

"It is still very much a work-in-progress project and still under development with many pages yet to be completely populated and/or completed, but I am too excited not to show where we are today," Sacks continued in his newsletter.

Sacks loves the look and feel of his brand new site, which now includes an archive of past newsletters and a list of links that Sacks uses to find content.

One of Sacks' favorite features is that the site is constantly being refreshed with new content. "Since I travel a lot, Agility has powered my site with a system of aggregated embedded news that will always keep my site current, whether I'm working or not. This was important to me and it works brilliantly," Sacks said.

As an added perk to the website's new look and feel, Sacks had no problem familiarizing himself with the Agility CMS software. "I felt no learning curve whatsoever. It was harder to get used to Windows 8 than the Agility system." Sacks said. "In a matter of hours, I was posting new articles, photos and other useful information to my readers. I find the design very user-friendly, and since I am the user, I was up and running with one short lesson."

Visit the new website:


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